I am compiling a list of patents dealing with washing machines.  You can sort 
through this list by patent number, inventor name, assignee, and location.  
Patent numbers are ordered by date except for those reissued.  To find a 
patent by number enter the complete number.  To sort by name, assignee or 
location enter at least three characters.  For example to find all patents 
granted to T. E. Jones enter "jon" (without the quotes)

Please Note: If the title of the patent includes "Design" as the first word
then it is a "Design Patent".  The Patent number in this case should be
prefixed by DES.

This list of patents, although extensive, is not complete.  As I learn of 
others they will be added to the list.  Patent drawings for which I have the 
machine in my collection can be viewed from the washerbase.  There is also a 
collection of patent drawings in the Curious Patent File.

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Other Curious Patents

Included in this album is a collection of patent drawings scanned from the 
patent copies.  These are inventions that I found to be very interesting in 

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