Having purchased over 1000 “antique” washing machines over the past 20 years some people assume that this author should be able to evaluate, rate or appraise the worth of them. Nothing is ever sold from the collection so there has been no experience in marketing washers. There is no “blue book” for washing machines, as there is for many other collectibles, and there is essentially no “collector” traffic of washers since there are very few collectors. Worth of a machine is somehow dependent on the ability to sell and/or buy it. There is a market, albeit less than vigorous, for washing machines but the exact location of such a market may be difficult to identify. Ebay is probably the best place to sell washers, but remember that machines can be large and the shipping expensive.


Keeping in mind the foregoing, you may purchase my impression of what your machine is worth, i.e., obtain an appraisal for a price. If you will send (email or snail) enough pictures so that an identification, and condition, of the unit can be made, for $36.00 you will receive postpaid, via snail mail:


1) A signed document stating my impression of the retail value of your machine along with your pictures, and


2) An autographed, and numbered, copy of my book, “Save Womens Lives.”


You can see what the book is about by clicking on the “Save Womens Lives” icon on the home page of this web site. A machine like yours, or one similar, may happen to be included as one of the 200 color pictures within the book.


Please send a check or money order with your request. If you have information about the machine which is not evident in the pictures please submit that too. Be sure to include your email address in case more pictures or other data are needed for the appraisal.


Post your pictures, whatever other information you have about your machine, and a check or money order, to:


Lee Maxwell

35901 WCR 31

Eaton, CO 80615



Be sure to include you email address in your snail mail. You may email the pictures to TYPE THIS ADDRESS


CAUTION: The estimated worth of your machine may be less than $36.00 cost of the appraisal and book. However, the book is worth every penny.