Errata list for “Save Womens Lives—History of Washing Machines”


Pg. 17  Fig 3.4 should have title “ca 1911 Thor Electric”


Pg. 35  Change “Pecolator” to Percolator in the category title.


Pg. 35  Under the Pumped Water category it should be stated that the museum does contain a machine of the pumped water type.  See ID657 on the web site.  This machine, in addition to being a roller type squeezer has a pump to circulate the water.


Pg. 41  The last sentence in the first paragraph (Fred became interested in washing machines and the company produced its first washer, the Pastime, in 1907.) is wrong. The “Maytag” Company was not formed under the name Maytag until December 1909. The myths and facts surrounding the Pastime require much more detailed discussion to be found in the articles section on the internet site.


Pg. 50   2nd line right column should read “visited the museum in 1997” instead of “about 4 years ago.”


Pg. 56  Right hand column. “Metropoolotian Wash. Mach.” Should be Metropolitan Wash. Mach. 


Pg. 73  3rd line from bottom left hand column.  “there” should be “their”


Pg. 83  8th line from bottom of left column “was found” should be “was known to have found”


Pg.  86  left column line 6 add “of” after 50.


Pg. 92 left column line 6  change “know” to known”


Pg. 99 2nd paragraph should be “July/August issue of Reminisce Magazine”


Pg. 125  In list of figures---3.4 should read ca 1911 Thor Electric (294)