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If you would like information concerning the worth of a washing machine or an appraisal for one (please click here)

The museum is open by appointment only. For information about tours, costs, etc. (please click here)

If you have other questions or want additional information please email TYPE THIS ADDRESS.

By snail mail contact:

Lee Maxwell
35901 WCR 31
Eaton, Colorado 80615 USA

Please send a self-addressed stamped envelope if you desire response via snail mail. Please include an email address in your letter.

By phone: 970-454-1856

The museum is open for tours by appointment only.  Please contact Lee Maxwell by
email or telephone.

The museum is located at the intersection of County Roads 74 and 31 which is 3+miles west of Eaton and 
4 miles east of Severance on the road (74) joining the two towns. If coming on Interstate 25 take Exit 265 
and go 11 miles east. If coming on US Highway 85 go 3+ miles west of the only stop light in Eaton. Directions (takes a few seconds to load....)

Simple Area Map